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Quality AND Quantity: Hydroponics Explained

Hydroponics is a term used for growing plants in a medium without soil, also referred to as soil-less growing. This method is preferred by professionals that are growing cannabis indoors as it produces a more quality flower, higher consistency with lower risk of bugs and mold. Hydroponics also yields three times the growth speed over soil growing methods, achieving up to double the number of harvests a soil system can accomplish in a year.
A hydroponics system can may have a higher upfront cost versus a soil growing system since there is more equipment involved in the installation. However, you will significantly reduce your use of labour, water and nutrients with a hydroponics system, making it advantageous in the long run. That’s why hydroponics is favoured by commercial growers and individual growers alike.


The Most Common Methods
of Hydroponics


Deep Water Culture


Nutrient Film


Drip Rockwool

Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture is a method of hydroponics in which your plant sits in a net-pot and the roots grow into a bucket of aerated water that is recirculated through the entire hydroponics system. Instead of the roots living in the air with nutrients brought to them, this is reversed, the roots sit in the nutrients and the oxygen is brought to them.
Deep Water Culture is commonly done in 5-gallon buckets and is best for growing larger bushes or trees. This system is one of the more advanced methods and requires a bit more equipment for water control.


Nutrient Film Technique

Nutrient film technique is a hydroponic method of growing plants in which your plants have the nutrient solution brought to them to continuously or intermittently pass over a non absorbent plant medium such as clay rock or a PVC pipe.​

Nutrient film technique is a method where the nutrient solution is passed over the roots and is great for someone stepping up from a drain to waste system


Drip Rockwool Drain-to-Waste
Rock-wool drain to waste is an excellent system for the scalability and ease of maintenance that many large scaled cannabis facilities need. You will see a lot of both beginners and professional growers using this method with its tidy clean-up and excellent absorption rate, while not really being able to over-water.
Its ease of operation extends into the cloning and vegetative as well. Being square cubes of even proportions they fit uniformly together on cloning trays and vegetative racks. Making this an easy method for busy, large-scale production. ​


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