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empty commercial facility that can be used for cannabis growing


The Benefits of a 4trees Grow

Working with 4trees Cannabis Building Ltd means gaining access to knowledge and expertise that has been accumulated from decades of experience. 4trees has knowledge of all the latest technology and has tested a broad spectrum of cannabis growth systems to know which ones are the best given your specific needs. The systems that we implement save our clients 90% water consumption and allow them to reduce their energy consumption by 50%. We also offer you access to wholesale hydroponics equipment pricing.

Our consulting services offer unrivalled on demand customer support. Our goal is to help our clients succeed in their cannabis cultivation business by only implementing the best-growing methods and technology.


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.



2,152 square feet of canopy space. Buildings generally 6000 SqFt



Garages, basements or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.



For standard cultivators the sky - or should we say wallet - is the limit.

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Let 4trees Build Your Hydroponics Facility

Through our consulting services, we are here to help you with your cannabis cultivation in Canada. Our program ensures that your grow room or facility is custom-built to your specific needs. Each method of hydroponics requires different levels of maintenance or is better suited for larger or smaller-scale operations. Depending on your level of experience and cultivation goals, we will select the best hydroponics method for you to use.

Over the last two decades, we have worked hard to design, develop and test various hydroponics systems to find the best method for growing. We are committed to sharing this knowledge of hydroponics to furthering the development of the cannabis industry.

Get Your FREE 15-min Same-Day Consultation

If you’re interested in learning more about commercial grow room design plans, hydroponic systems, HVAC and anything else
related to cannabis cultivation, schedule a free 15-minute consultation today!



Health Canada approved floor-plans designed by master cannabis growers and licensed engineers. Offering full scale planning packages for medical, standard and micro cultivation of cannabis.



Professional cannabis consulting. Stay on top of things with structured monthly programs catered to your facilities, strain(s), nutrients, grow room and lighting - all from the convenience of your phone or laptop.



Room to grow? Every grow room design comes with detailed wholesale hydroponics lists. Offering all the latest automated growing technology delivered discreetly anywhere in Canada.


Ensuring Your Grow Room
Built Properly

Once our design plans are met with your approval, 4trees works closely alongside the building crews, security teams, electricians and HVAC technicians to provide them with guidance that ensures the facility is built to our high standards, as well as Health Canada’s standards.
Every square inch is taken into consideration when planning and building your growing facility. We incorporate your area’s energy costs, specific lighting, growing system and more in order to build the specific customized plan that caters to your needs.
commercial cannabis facility under construction
cannabis grow facility using hydroponics as a growing method

Facilities Built By 4Trees Cannabis

Our Health Canada Approved Floor Plans

Building a micro cultivation in Canada requires a lot of planning and expertise to ensure its success. You can design a state-of-the-art facility but if it does not get approved by Health Canada, all of your hard work was for nothing. At 4Trees Building, we provide all of our clients with facilities that are designed and built to meet the standards set by Health Canada. From fully automated feeding/draining, lighting, fertilization and environmental control to sealed growing environments, our facilities offer several features to ensure your success.
Whether you’re looking to build a grow room at home, a micro cultivation, a medicinal cannabis facility or you’re a licensed producer, our experts at 4Trees Cannabis are here to help you build your hydroponics facility in Canada.