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What does our master grower program look like?

Our 4trees Cannabis Building Master Grower Program is a comprehensive program designed to provide expert guidance and support to customers throughout the entire process of growing cannabis, from seed to harvest. We curate the entire program to ensure that our customers receive personalized and tailored ongoing support based on their grow area, cultivation goals, and specific needs. As the phases of your grow area change, so does your program.

This is a hands-on experience program so you can retain the information you’re learning properly by reaping the benefits of your grow, and at the end of the program successful students are rewarded a master grower certificate.

When customers join our monthly cost program, they benefit from the expertise of our team of cannabis consultants and master growers who provide ongoing support and guidance. Our program includes:

  • Access to a dedicated master grower who will work closely with customers to ensure their success.
  • Customized nutrient and feeding schedules designed specifically for their grow area and plant variety.
  • Regular check-ins and progress reports to track the growth and development of their plants.
  • Guidance on pest and disease management to ensure healthy plants and maximum yields.
  • Advice on the best harvesting techniques to optimize potency and flavor.
  • Access to our exclusive community of growers, where customers can share knowledge, get support, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Overall, our program is designed to provide our customers with everything they need to succeed in growing cannabis and producing high-quality, potent buds. With our expert guidance and support, customers can feel confident and empowered to achieve their cultivation goals no matter the facility size

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From genetics to nutrients

Learn to achieve the most efficient production

The master growers at 4trees can help increase your crop yield and quality, resulting in higher profits and a more successful cultivation operation overall. We can provide guidance on optimal growing conditions, nutrient management, harvesting techniques and more to help you achieve the best possible results.

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Engage directly with a professional cultivator

Having a 4trees Cannabis Building Master Grower working for your growing facility can provide numerous benefits that can help improve the overall success of your cannabis cultivation operations.

One of the most significant advantages of having a Master Grower like 4trees working for you are the cost savings that come with our expertise. Our team will share decades of closely kept secrets and craft growing techniques, perfectly mixed with up to date regulations regardless of your place in the world. They can also help identify and address potential issues early on, preventing costly mistakes that can impact your bottom line.

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How it works

How to become an apprentice

To become a 4trees Cannabis Building apprentice, simply enroll in our Master Grower Program and complete the comprehensive training and guidance provided by our expert team. After successfully completing the program, you will not only be awarded with craft quality crops you grew, and a lifetime of knowledge gained but also a 4trees Master Grower certificate. This is highly recognized in the cannabis industry and can greatly help you advance your career in cannabis cultivation. Join us today to start your journey toward becoming a certified cannabis cultivation expert.

What you get

Absorb decades of knowledge in short time

  • One on one consulting with a master grower
  • Garden check ups
  • Weekly diagnosis
  • Weekly room scheduling
  • Environmental changes
  • Nutrient feed charts catered to strain(s)
  • Advanced cultivation techniques
  • Harvesting & storage consulting
  • Solventless extraction consulting
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Recent posts

Our news and useful information

Our blog is written in-house by owner Daniel Vaillancourt. Its updated regularly with grow room planning tips, new grow technology and helpful cultivation tips.


Hear from our clients

What starts as a grow room plan ends in lasting relationships. We look forward to adding you to that list!

12:40 30 May 23
I was very happy that I chose to work with 4trees. They have an excellent team of professionals with real experience who maintained good communication throughout the process and helped me in every step of the way. Thank you very much!
Dustin MooreDustin Moore
04:59 29 May 23
Dan has offered an incredible service and my plants have never done better just thriving thanks again Dan !!
Colton MeadColton Mead
17:10 10 Mar 23
Had some questions about electroculture and 4Trees gave me the heads up on the what's what. I appreciate the help!
Jon BobJon Bob
21:55 16 Feb 23
Dan worked hard to fit everything I needed in a small space and was very responsive to my needs for my business. Explained everything thoroughly and was open to discussing various options to find the right fit. Plans look awesome, great customer service.
Steven KimSteven Kim
06:02 15 Jan 23
It has been almost a year now being consulted by Dan and it has been an amazing experience. The quality of the consultation exceeded my expectations and I was impressed with the attention to detail. The customer service was also top-notch, with the team being extremely helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend this 4trees to anyone looking for a high-quality solution. 5/5 stars!
Amanda SchermerAmanda Schermer
01:43 21 Sep 22
4 trees has been extremely helpful and patient with me. They took the time to answer all of my questions. They even drew up skitches to help me visualize what we were discussing! They are very knowledgeable and explain things in a way that was easy to understand! I'm extremely pleased with my experience with 4 trees and I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing help, guidance or information about horticulture!
Shawn KrywayShawn Kryway
21:08 17 Mar 22
It’s been a pleasure working with Dan and 4Trees. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond to every question I have. 4Trees has been an intricate part in helping me develop my operation from planning to growing guidance.
Steven KimSteven Kim
17:27 23 Jul 21
I want to take a moment to write a review for this company because my experience with this company became a pandora box I luckily found. Dan and his team is purely magical that helped a person like me that has zero growing experience. Quite nervous I was in the beginning not knowing where to start, Dan said that it would all be okay as long as I have a little passion to learn. He walked me through every details patiently until I understood the whole process from preparing to growing, literally the whole A to Z! All I had to do was explain where I would be growing and gave him the facility floor plan to start. I am not even from Canada.He also worked with me giving me few options fitting my budget and throughly explained how all the facility equipments and system works to provide the best growing experience and maximizing yield out of it.Moreover, Dan is very responsible and responsive. Also, he did not even push me to make any payments off the bat without knowing what I would get out of the project. Very straightforward with the payments too which I felt very comfortable! This type of project does not come cheap you know.Lastly, I just want to thank Dan and his team because I'd never knew that I could be successful in ever growing in my 2k sqft warehouse. Dan deserves more credit and award for his good deed that he is doing helping business dreamers a chance to succeed in their local jurisdiction.THANKS THANKS THANKS!! Looking forward to our ongoing project management journey!!!
terry mokriyterry mokriy
17:54 20 Mar 21
This is a great company to get involved with. They are very patient, helpful, and we'll informed company. Had the pleasure to work with Dan for the last little bit and he has truly shown his passion and love for what he does. He goes over and above to meet all our questions and concerns and unlike other companies wants to see us succeed without being a cash grab. I highly recommend them they will guide you to were you want to be.
Chase CulpanChase Culpan
02:48 29 May 20
Thank you Dan! beautiful design. Great gear. Dan and team are really the best. Customer service is top notch. If you are building/starting a micro or want to become the next lp you need to talk to 4 Trees. Even if you are a Professional, This team will ease your transition. 5 stars all around!
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