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Use data to produce actionable insights

Any thriving business pays close attention to analytics. We provide highly detailed analytics for customers’ grow facilities. Meticulously calculated from statistics we gain from your floor plans, HVAC designs, security plans and grow equipment specifications.

increase your business ROI

Optimize supply-chain operations

We can provide you with full analytics packages for your facility that will help you fully understand every inch of your project. This is a requirement for any well functioning large scale facility and very helpful for every aspect of business development and good maintenance.

Analytics packages can be created from existing grows or asked for when we are designing your project. Ask your designer today and we would be glad to incorporate an analytics package into your plans.

Health Canada Approved
Facilities built by 4trees cannabis
Building a micro cultivation in Canada requires a lot of planning and expertise to ensure its success. You can design a state-of-the-art facility but if it does not get approved by Health Canada, all of your hard work was for nothing. From fully automated feeding/draining, lighting, fertilization and environmental control to sealed growing environments, our facilities offer several features to ensure your success.


Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.


2,152 square feet of canopy space. Buildings generally 6000 SqFt


Garages, basements or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.


For standard cultivators the sky – or should we say wallet – is the limit.
Tweak your grow room operations

What do we come up with analytics for?

  • Grow systems water and nutrient consumption
  • HVAC & heat generated from grow rooms
  • Grow lighting, intensity, spectrum, and PAR values
  • Humidity & environmental
  • Air & water purification
  • Extractions
  • Plants & plant waste
  • Cleaning materials and good hygiene supplies

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Sample facility analytics

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We offer a wide range of quality products, an easy shopping process, express delivery and first-class service.


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We offer a wide range of quality information, an easy install process, quick support and first-class service.

“Currently working together with Dan at 4 Trees helping provide complete cutting edge grow solutions for clients. In light of strict regulation, we only endorse the services of those we feel are well up to the task.”

W Bradley

via Google Review

"Dan and his team is purely magical that helped a person like me that has zero growing experience. He walked me through every details patiently until I understood the whole process from preparing to growing, literally the whole A to Z!"

Stephen Kim

via Google Review

“I cannot recommend Dan more, he has gone above and beyond and brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge to the table. 4trees dials in every aspect of cultivation and covers all the bases. true pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Gow

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We offer a wide range of quality products, an easy shopping process, express delivery and first-class service.