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We offer a wide range of quality information, an easy install process, quick support and first-class service.
What’s next

Your local government is allowing recreational growing?

The next step is to hire qualified professionals to design you a floorplan that incorporates all the rules and regulations required to grow cannabis indoors, and there’s a few!

That’s where we come in, we offer floorplans specifically catered to indoor cannabis cultivation.

We have designed over 850,000 square feet of indoor cannabis cultivation facilities around the world and incorporate everything you would need in a commercial cultivation building, plus some.

Precise Workflows

Shaping the cannabis industry is our passion!

All our floorplans come with a very precise workflow, these are part of the standard operating procedures, or SOP’s that your facility will operate in. The building must be built in a very precise manner, incorporating the right flow.

You can take comfort in knowing that your cannabis facility is designed by master growers and licensed engineers that care about your project as if it where our own.

Best Cannabis Grow Floor Plans in Canada Brought to Your Fingertips

Heighten your chances of success with the best SOPs and grow floor plans in Canada created by experienced cannabis business experts. Connect with a professional grow room planner in Canada for a foolproof cultivation facility floor plan.

Whether you’re a recreational grower or a medical one, we can help you with a custom planning package in a few simple steps. The process involves connecting over a Zoom video call, providing timeline and pricing estimations, showing the planning package in a quick video chat, and delivering the package to you so that you can start building without any further ado!


Call a professional grow room planner in Canada

4Trees is your one-stop shop for all cannabis business needs. If you’re looking for a grow room planner in Canada to design a fully-automated grow facility for your cannabis business, the help is here. Call 833.812.0177 today to connect with a professional grow room planner in Canada.

Why our services

Professionally engineered cannabis systems

We offer a wide range of grow room plans, easy custom-design process, decades of hands-on knowledge and first-class service. Staying true to classic traditions, we are constantly improving our system designs and working on creating new combinations with unique characteristics.

Years of experience

For over 2 decades we are offering expert cannabis consulting, latest automated growing technology and first-class service.

Broad variety

We offer a wide range of cannabis automated systems, easy custom-built designs and DIY instructions.

Team of professionals

We offer on-demand customer support, monthly programs and expertise from licensed engineers.

20 years of quality

What do your floorplans come with?

  • Parking
  • Drainage
  • Lighting
  • HVAC plans
  • Fertigation
  • Grow systems
  • Canopy space
  • Basic Analytics
  • Facility overview
  • Automated environments
  • Wholesale equipment list
  • All required working rooms
  • Standard operating procedures
  • PPE & sterile design practices
  • Construction ready CAD drawings
  • Precise cannabis cultivation workflow
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We offer a wide range of cannabis facility, an easy installation process, on-demand support and first-class service.
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We offer a wide range of quality information, an easy install process, quick support and first-class service.

“Currently working together with Dan at 4 Trees helping provide complete cutting edge grow solutions for clients. In light of strict regulation, we only endorse the services of those we feel are well up to the task.”

W Bradley

via Google Review

"Dan and his team is purely magical that helped a person like me that has zero growing experience. He walked me through every details patiently until I understood the whole process from preparing to growing, literally the whole A to Z!"

Stephen Kim

via Google Review

“I cannot recommend Dan more, he has gone above and beyond and brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge to the table. 4trees dials in every aspect of cultivation and covers all the bases. true pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Gow

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