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Government approved cannabis cultivation facility design plans, award-winning cannabis consulting and micro cultivation floor plans that are 100% guaranteed to pass inspection.

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With decades of experience in the cannabis industry, our unique team of passionate cannabis consultants, architects, horticulturists and licensed engineers offer some of the most comprehensive well rounded services in our field.

Helping people all over the world navigate the complexities of cannabis regulations and compliance, while staying true to craft, legacy growing methods.

At 4trees we are committed to providing an exceptional experience to help our clients thrive in the competitive world of cannabis cultivation. Consulting and planning for craft cannabis growers of any scale or growing style.

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Our remote services offer a more affordable approach to having on-site consultants, while also allowing us to work all over the world, anywhere that cannabis is legal!


Floor Plans ⁃ Architecture – Systems Engineering

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Apprenticeships – Structured Monthly  Programs


Grow Systems & Hydroponics ⁃ Environmental – Grow Lighting


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Internationally famous

Our facilities have grown around the world!

We’re located in the heart of who pioneered cannabis legalization for the rest of the world, Victoria BC, Canada. 4trees began its planning and consulting journey on day one back in 2001 and today is leading the pack for cultivation facility development and cannabis consulting. 

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There is nothing better to me than building peoples dream facilities. It’s great to be doing what we love and I think it really shows in our workmanship.

Daniel Vaillancourt

Founder-CEO, 4trees Cannabis Building Ltd

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Award winning services

  1. Winner of the 2020 Cannabis Industry Award for Best Cannabis Consulting Firm
  2. Regular publications featured in the Maximum Yield Cannabis Magazine.
  3. Accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating.
  4. 100% approval guarantee.
  5. Offering the gold standard in cultivation facility development: GPP, GMP or GACP certified.
  6. Finalist in the 2022 Grow Up Awards
  7. Featured in the 4th edition of the Grow Bible by Greg Green
  8. Voted best in class for 2022 by the Canadian Business Review Board
  9. Over two dozen 5-star Google reviews

measure twice, cut once

Offering the gold standard in cultivation facility development

Our experienced team will meet with you over video chat and go over your goals to create a customized state of the art facility that is purpose built to save you labor, increase quality, conform with GPP or GMP regulations and get a license in your hand quickly.

Starting from scratch or wanting to outfit an existing building? Our engineers and planners are ready to get you growing either way.

Once your floor-planning is done we work with your budget and needs to provide a plan set that includes a full equipment list at wholesale costs complete with direct OEM supplier information. This step alone helps customers cut their equipment costs in half on average.

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See what’s new in the cannabis industry, latest technology and craft indoor growing practices through the eyes of 4trees in our regularly updated blog.

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We're regularly featured in Maximum Yield Magazine

Owner Daniel Vaillancourt is a regular writer for the Maximum Yield Cannabis Magazine. Many of our blog articles have been featured in it.

Click here to view Daniel’s Maximum Yield portfolio.


Hear from our customers

Colton MeadColton Mead
17:10 10 Mar 23
Had some questions about electroculture and 4Trees gave me the heads up on the what's what. I appreciate the help!
Jon BobJon Bob
21:55 16 Feb 23
Dan worked hard to fit everything I needed in a small space and was very responsive to my needs for my business. Explained everything thoroughly and was open to discussing various options to find the right fit. Plans look awesome, great customer service.
Steven KimSteven Kim
06:02 15 Jan 23
It has been almost a year now being consulted by Dan and it has been an amazing experience. The quality of the consultation exceeded my expectations and I was impressed with the attention to detail. The customer service was also top-notch, with the team being extremely helpful and responsive to any questions or concerns I had. I would highly recommend this 4trees to anyone looking for a high-quality solution. 5/5 stars!
Amanda SchermerAmanda Schermer
01:43 21 Sep 22
4 trees has been extremely helpful and patient with me. They took the time to answer all of my questions. They even drew up skitches to help me visualize what we were discussing! They are very knowledgeable and explain things in a way that was easy to understand! I'm extremely pleased with my experience with 4 trees and I'd highly recommend them to anyone needing help, guidance or information about horticulture!
Shawn KrywayShawn Kryway
21:08 17 Mar 22
It’s been a pleasure working with Dan and 4Trees. Very knowledgeable and quick to respond to every question I have. 4Trees has been an intricate part in helping me develop my operation from planning to growing guidance.
terry mokriyterry mokriy
17:54 20 Mar 21
This is a great company to get involved with. They are very patient, helpful, and we'll informed company. Had the pleasure to work with Dan for the last little bit and he has truly shown his passion and love for what he does. He goes over and above to meet all our questions and concerns and unlike other companies wants to see us succeed without being a cash grab. I highly recommend them they will guide you to were you want to be.
Chase CulpanChase Culpan
02:48 29 May 20
Thank you Dan! beautiful design. Great gear. Dan and team are really the best. Customer service is top notch. If you are building/starting a micro or want to become the next lp you need to talk to 4 Trees. Even if you are a Professional, This team will ease your transition. 5 stars all around!
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