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Starting a micro-cultivation, licensed producer or commercial facility requires a good floor plan and quality growing systems in order to pass inspections. We bring in-depth knowledge and understanding of growing systems along with Health Canada’s stringent requirements for standard producer facilities.

We have blueprint package plans available for home growers as well as large-scale cultivators. We cover all bases including, build ready floorplans, equipment, standard operating procedures, feed charts, and detailed systems manuals.

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Whether you’re looking to build a grow room at home, a micro cultivation, a medicinal cannabis facility or you’re a licensed producer, we are here to help!

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Looking for a GPP guide to set up and grow a cannabis business in Canada? Want to learn how to water rockwool cubes in a hydroponics system? Get in touch with a trusted Canadian cannabis consulting company for a cannabis business plan today.

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We offer a wide range of cannabis facility, an easy installation process, on-demand support and first-class service.
There is nothing better to me than building peoples dreams. It’s great to be doing what we love and I think it shows in our workmanship.
Daniel Vaillancourt


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Nominated & Approved for Best Business by CBRB

We provide full HVAC, fertigation systems, hydroponics, security, extraction lab, processing, grow lighting and environmental designs, created by teams of engineers and master growers.

Our program ensures that your grow room or facility is custom-built to your specific needs.

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Custom-built Design

Our experienced legacy cultivators and licensed engineers will meet with you and go over your goals to create a customized state of the art automated facility that is purpose built to save you labor, increase quality and get a license in your hand.

Whether you are starting from scratch or want to outfit an existing building our designers are ready to get you growing.


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Daniel Vaillancourt is a regular contributor in the maximum yield magazine. And many of our articles have been featured in it.

Choosing LED VS HPS Lights

The haters will say its fake, and old-school growers will swear by high pressure sodium lighting because it’s worked fine...


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“Currently working together with Dan at 4 Trees helping provide complete cutting edge grow solutions for clients. In light of strict regulation, we only endorse the services of those we feel are well up to the task.”

W Bradley

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"Dan and his team is purely magical that helped a person like me that has zero growing experience. He walked me through every details patiently until I understood the whole process from preparing to growing, literally the whole A to Z!"

Stephen Kim

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“I cannot recommend Dan more, he has gone above and beyond and brings an extraordinary amount of knowledge to the table. 4trees dials in every aspect of cultivation and covers all the bases. true pleasure to work with.”

Thomas Gow

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