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20+ years of experience and a 5-star rating, featured in top magazines, offering fair costs. Specializing in micro cultivation, commercial facility planning, and ongoing consulting. Get compliant and grow your cannabis business with us.

Hybrix Farms Micro Cultivator in Canada designed by 4trees Cannabis Building
Cannablyss Tier 1 recreational cultivator in Saipan, USA designed by 4trees Cannabis Building
Altius Licensed Producer cannabis company
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Rooted in BC, Canada

Homegrown Services

4trees Cannabis Building sprouted in the heart of the Canadian cannabis production, British Columbia. We’ve been pioneering the path for legal cannabis cultivators across the globe with our innovative design and development solutions for over 20 years.


Voted best in class by the Canadian Business Review Board


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Our Services

Customized Cannabis Solutions


Our design team will work with you to assess your unique requirements and provide scalable solutions that meet your goals, timeline, and budget.


Tailored solutions for new and established businesses. Offering expert support for regulatory compliance, facility design, staff training, and more.


Offering professional CAD blueprints to ensure that your plans are executed with precision and attention to detail.

Project Management

We manage all phases of the project, including procurement of equipment, installation, commissioning, and handover.

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What Clients Say

If you are building/starting a micro or want to become the next LP you need to talk to 4trees, even if you're a professional.

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Chase Culpan Hybrix Farms - Canada

The 4trees team brings unrivaled knowledge and professionalism to the cannabis cultivation industry.

Daniel Vaillancourt looking at indoor cannabis garden with led grow lights in black and white
Anthony D'Agostini Altius Cultivation - Canada

Daniel went above and beyond when our project needed recalibration. So thanks, Daniel. It's been great working with you!

indoor hydroponics grow room from a 4trees cannabis building customer
Michael Sautman Nutrawerx - Brazil
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5-Star Reviews



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Why Hydroponics?

Control Advantages

Controlled hydroponic systems provide growers with the ability to precisely manage and optimize plant growth and yield.

Water Based

Optimized nutrient intake for cannabis plants.

More Yield

Maximize cannabis crop yields with precision.


Faster growth makes quicker crop turnovers. 

For Soil Lovers

Natural Advantages

Soil growing uses organic or inorganic soil mixtures as the growing medium for cannabis plants.


More affordable then a hydroponics system.


Plant placement is more versatile.


Great options for new growers.

Where We Provide Consulting Services?

4trees Cannabis Building and all of its subsidiaries exclusively provide cannabis consulting services for businesses operating in jurisdictions where cannabis is legal, whether for medical or recreational use. We do not provide any consulting services whatsoever for cannabis-related business conducted within the United States of America, including any of its states or territories.

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