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Crop-Steering: The Overhyped Buzzword

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The term “crop steering” has gained popularity in recent years within the cannabis industry as a way to describe a certain set of standard operating procedures for cannabis cultivation. However, this term is often misleading and can be confusing for new growers who may think that “crop steering” is a new and revolutionary technique. New growers want the best for their garden and tend to be susceptible to misleading buzzwords like this. In a digital world where everyone is trying to have their 15 minutes in the spotlight, caution needs to be applied with what you spend your time and money on.

What is Crop Steering?

In reality, crop steering is simply a way of controlling your grow room conditions to optimize plant growth and yield. This is not a new concept, as growers have been using various techniques to control their grow rooms for years. If we must put a big word to it the best and most professional term already reserved for this is Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). Most successful cannabis operations follow their own set of SOP’s, which include all of the “crop steering”.

Vegetative cannabis plants have always needed warmer and more humid environments for optimal growth, while flowering plants require lower humidity and cooler temperatures. Your thermometers or hygrometers have always shown the temperatures and humidity and your equipment has always had manual set points. Same thing goes with your c02 control, fan speed, watering frequency, light controls etc. You would never keep all your grow rooms or dry room at the same temperature and humidity despite their stages or use. These conditions are not specific to “crop steering,” but rather common sense practices that every good grower follows already.

Influencers Cause Confusion

The term “crop steering” has been thrown around by YouTubers and other influencers in the cannabis industry to describe various growing techniques, such as using organic nutrients and bacteria for plant growth. While these techniques can be effective, they are not exclusive to “crop steering” and should not be misunderstood as a new and revolutionary practice.

It’s important for new growers to understand that “crop steering” is simply a term used to describe a set of basic practices that should be followed in every grow room. Instead of focusing on fancy terms or buzzwords, it’s important to prioritize proper grow room management, including maintaining proper temperature and humidity levels, providing adequate lighting, and using high-quality nutrients and fertilizers.

Why Clarify?

While it may be just a terminology in the end, it’s understandable why we need to clarify what ‘crop steering’ is. As a new grower, you want the best for your facility and it can be challenging to sift through all the misleading information out there. Starting a new business can be overwhelming at times, and it’s important not to be swayed in the wrong direction that takes up your valuable time.

The term “crop steering” is misleading and unnecessary for describing basic grow room practices. Instead of relying on buzzwords or trendy terminology, growers should prioritize the fundamentals of proper plant care and optimization. Focusing on achieving optimal plant growth and yield without getting caught up in the latest trends or buzzwords.