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Piattella hash on a black background with the title: How to make Piattella Hash: A detailed guide

What is Piattella?

Piattella hash is the new sensation in the hashish universe, known for its exquisite texture, flavor, and aroma. It is a revolutionary technique that combines traditional hashish-making methods with the latest in cannabis innovation and advancements, catering to cannabis connoisseurs looking for the best cannabis concentrates. If you want to try this latest trend, here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make Piattella cold cured hash.

Piattella stands out from other high-quality extractions like rosin because it exclusively relies on the best quality starting hash made from live plant material that has recently been frozen, and never uses any heat during its process.

What Starting Material is Used?

When it comes to Piattella hash making its important to use high-quality trimmed flowers from the entire plant, including the tops. This ensures that only the best parts of the plant are used in the hash making process. 

Cannabis plants that are low in trichomes will lead to low, and sometimes nonexistent, yields during the hash making process. Additionally, leaving leaves on the buds while making hash can introduce impurities due to their brittle nature, resulting in an inferior final product. For the highest quality and most potent hash, it’s essential to use high-quality cannabis plants with a high trichome count and carefully and quickly trim the buds before the hash making process. 

To produce high-quality hash, it’s important to start with cannabis plants that are free from chemical exposure, pesticides, or neem oil. Plants that have been exposed to these substances can result in a low-quality final product and should be avoided.

Note: Piattella is also sometimes referred to as “Piatella”

Why Does Oxidation Matter?

As for oxidation, it is one of the most important factors to consider. Cannabis that is exposed to air for too long can lose its potency and terpenes, which are essential for the plant’s unique aroma and flavor, making the difference like night and day.

Our method involves cutting a few branches at a time per person, immediately trimming the buds and freezing them, exposing them to air for only 10-20 minutes. This reduces the oxidation time and ensures that the product has the maximum potency and flavor. We also recommend doing this in a cool room for the best results. When it comes to Piattella hash making, the quality of the flower material and the right process are two crucial components that result in this very specific and unique end product.

Making 5 - 6 Star Ice Hash

To produce the highest grade of ice hash, a set of bubble bags with varying micron sizes is used. For Piattella, 5 and 6-star ice hash is the desired outcome, typically obtained within the 73-90 micron range.

The final product should contain mostly trichome heads and stalks, making it free of any impurities and residue. However, many falsely claim to have 5 and 6-star hash, which is typically only 3 or 4-star quality. Genuine 5 and 6-star ice hash should boast a strong cannabinoid and terpene profile, high potency test results, and undergo a rigorous processing technique, which can result in a high market price.

The demand for high-quality hash has been on the rise in recent years, with a distinction between 5 and 6-star hash being that the latter produces absolutely no residue when vaporized, earning it the nickname “full melt.” Although true 6-star caliber is difficult to achieve, it can be reliably accomplished with the right materials and processes. While 5 star tends to be slightly easier to produce, aspiring to create true full melt hash requires not only quality flower but also a thorough understanding and mastery of wash and dry processes.

Drying Your Ice Hash

Bubble hash or ice hash, can be dried either through air drying or freeze drying methods. Air drying is fine for the budget home DIY or first timers, but for true connoisseurs or commercial producers freeze drying will be the way to go.

When drying without a freeze dryer before drying, extracted bubble hash should be patted to remove as much water with the wicking technique as possible, then frozen for 24 hours to efficiently grind the hash to be spread and further dried. Grinding methods involve using a micro-plane, sieve, or our favourite; a brand new BPA-free coffee grinder. All of which should be frozen before grinding, including the coffee grinder.

A Buchner funnel with a vacuum to pull moisture can be used as well in the event a freeze dryer is not present, however, we’ve found the wicking, coffee grinder and cool air dry method to work better. 

Ground bubble hash should be spread evenly on a layer of parchment paper sitting on cardboard and dried for one week or until slightly crumbly and dry.

Air drying bubble hash requires a cold room with air conditioning and humidity control or a fridge. Freeze drying bubble hash is quicker nut more expensive, taking 24-36 hours in a freeze dryer.

Storing bubble hash should be done in a cold, dark, and dry place with minimal ventilation, using containers with a tight seal.

– COLD ROOMS: Cold rooms with air conditioning and humidity control are ideal for air-drying bubble hash. Wine coolers can also work, but standard home refrigerators should be your last resort.
– GRINDING: Grind bubble hash with a microplane or sieve, both of which can be obtained easily. Freeze the microplane before grinding for best results.
– WICKING: Pat extracted bubble hash to remove water, then freeze it for 24 hours to make the drying more efficient. Spread ground bubble hash on a thin layer of parchment paper, then add a sheet of cardboard underneath to absorb moisture.
– AIR DRYING: Air drying time can range from one to two weeks. Dried bubble hash should have a crumbly texture and sometimes feel dry to the touch, however most highly potent strains will remain gooey. Check for moisture by breaking it apart and pressing a small amount between your fingers.
– FREEZE DRYING: With a freeze dryer, bubble hash can be dried in 24-36 hours. Form freshly extracted hash into patties with uniform shapes and thicknesses, freeze for 24 hours, then set the dryer between 30-35 degrees Fahrenheit.
– BUCHNER FUNNEL: The Buchner funnel technique uses a vacuum to pull moisture from the bubble hash. Line the base of the funnel with parchment paper, cover the mouth with foil, activate the funnel, and let it vacuum the water from the bubble hash for up to 8 hours. Air dry for another 24 hours.
– STORAGE: Store bubble hash in a cold, dark, and dry place with minimal ventilation, using containers that create a tight seal (glass containers are ideal, away from sunlight).

How to Make Piattella

So, you’ve followed all our other steps, made 6-star ice hash and most importantly, you managed not to smoke it all. You truly are dedicated! Let’s make some Piattella then.

Materials Required:

  1. High-quality 6-star ice water hash (full melt)
  2. Cellophane, piattella wraps or our favourite, plant based cellophane
  3. Vacuum-sealer & vacuum seal bags
  4. Dry ice or cold environment
  5. Kitchen thermometer
  6. Digital hygrometer
  7. Humidifier
roll of cellophane close up

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Select a high-quality ice water hash (full melt) from a trusted source. Full melt hash is preferred as it can easily vaporize without leaving any residues behind and blends well with the cold curing process to produce a unique texture and flavor.

2. Wrap the full melt ice water hash in cellophane or similar airtight packaging, ensuring zero contact between the hash and air. This is similar to traditional techniques used in making temple balls.

3. Place the securely wrapped hash sample in a vacuum-sealed glass container, allowing the natural alchemy of cold curing to unfold. Seal the container and store it in a stable, cool environment with a temperature ranging from 45-55°F(7-13°C) and humidity levels of 50-70%. A humidifier can be used to maintain stable humidity levels. A digital hygrometer and thermometer can be used to monitor the temperature and humidity levels.

4. Fill a dry ice cooler with dry ice and leave it in the same environment where you are curing the hash. The dry ice cooler helps to maintain a consistent cool temperature, which is crucial for the curing process.

5. Time is the guiding force in the Piattella curing process. The longer the curing period, the more intense the flavor and aroma of the cured hash will be. The best cold curing period ranges between 4 to 8 weeks. The core objective of the process remains unaltered: enhancing flavors, stabilizing the hashish at room temperature, and extending its longevity beyond refrigeration.

6. After the cold curing process, the full melt ice water hash will start to form a slightly moist consistency reminiscent of traditional hash or rosin badder. The cured hash should be consumed within six months for the best taste and aroma.

Enjoy responsibly, and let us know how you did!