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How to Grow Cannabis in Coco

Cultivating Success: A Brief Guide to Growing Cannabis in Coco Coir

We’re excited to share our insights into one of the most popular and rewarding methods: growing cannabis in coco coir. It’s a technique that’s highly regarded by master growers in the recreational cannabis field and craft growers alike. Read along in this short and easy to digest guide for growing cannabis in coco coir.

Stepping Stones Made of Coconuts

When it comes to growing cannabis, coco coir offers an ideal balance between traditional soil cultivation and advanced hydroponics. Many master growers view coco coir as the stepping stone that bridges the gap, making it an excellent choice for those transitioning from soil to more advanced methods.

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Coco coir is derived from the fibrous husk of coconuts, creating a perfect environment for cannabis plants. It retains water exceptionally well while also providing the benefits of enhanced drainage, aeration, and root development – all factors crucial for a healthy cannabis plant.

Some Help From Our Little Friends

Boost Your Plants with Beneficial Microbes! Consider adding beneficial microbes to your coco coir setup. These microscopic superheroes work in harmony with your plants, enhancing nutrient uptake, improving root health, and even protecting against harmful pathogens. Think of them as your plant’s personal army, making your cannabis cultivation adventure in coco coir even more exciting and rewarding!

Choosing the Right Coco Coir

Begin with quality coco coir from reputable sources. Ensure it’s been properly treated and buffered to remove any excess salts that could hinder nutrient uptake.

Our Top 5 Coconut Coir Mediums

  1. Canna Coco: Canna Coco is a well-known brand that offers high-quality coconut coir products specifically formulated for cannabis cultivation. They provide pre-buffered and washed coir products that are designed to work well with nutrient solutions.

  2. FoxFarm Coco Loco: FoxFarm is a trusted name in gardening products, and their Coco Loco blend combines coconut coir with beneficial microbes and other organic ingredients. It’s often praised for its water-holding capacity and root-promoting characteristics.

  3. Mother Earth Coco: Mother Earth offers various coco coir products that cater to both professional growers and hobbyists. Their products are popular for their consistent quality and ability to retain moisture while maintaining proper drainage.

  4. Botanicare Cocogro: Botanicare is another reputable brand in the hydroponics and gardening industry. Their Cocogro products are known for their high fiber content, promoting healthy root development and excellent moisture retention.

  5. Cyco Coco Coir: Cyco offers coco coir products that are sourced and processed to ensure optimal purity and quality. Their coir is often praised for its water retention capabilities and compatibility with various nutrient regimens.

young seed in coconut husk

Proper Pre-Soaking

The master growers behind 4trees emphasize the importance of pre-soaking your coco coir to expand and hydrate it. This step helps eliminate any residual salts, ensuring a clean start for your plants. In fact, this should be done with any medium.

  • Soak with pH adjusted water set to 5.8
  • You must use RO water if your starting water is above 60PPM

“Within the coconut’s embrace, life thrives and rises. In cultivation, we mirror nature’s journey, nurturing growth from humble origins to soaring achievements.”

Nutrient Management

Cannabis consulting professionals stress balanced nutrient management. Since coco coir is inert, you’ll need to provide all the essential nutrients through your watering solution. Follow a nutrient schedule that aligns with different growth stages such as the 4trees nutrient schedules provided in our on-going consulting programs.

pH and EC Monitoring

Maintaining the right pH of between 5.8 – 6.2 and electrical conductivity (EC) or PPM levels is vital. Regular monitoring helps prevent nutrient imbalances and ensures optimal nutrient absorption in your plants.

  • Keep pH between 5.8 – 6.2
  • Ensure a Calcium Magnesium supplement is added throughout the entire fertilizing schedule.

Smooth Transition from Soil to Hydroponics

Coco coir serves as a friendly bridge for those looking to transition from soil growing to hydroponics. As you move from traditional soil cultivation, you’ll find coco coir is the perfect step up. Its enhanced water retention and drainage properties ease you into the hydroponic world while allowing you to closely monitor and control your plants’ environment. Adjusting your pH or EC in the tanks is similar to before as it runs on a drain to waste style system, just like soil. The need for regularly adjusting your pH as the water recirculates through the system like in recirculating hydroponics methods, as well as water chillers is not there. All-in-all its very similar to soil growing.

Growing Cannabis in Micro Cultivation or Recreational Facilities

Coco coir’s versatility is especially beneficial for micro cultivation setups or recreational cannabis facilities. Its manageable water-holding capacity and nutrient retention make it an optimal choice for growers looking to maximize space and yield while ensuring consistent quality

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As you embark on your journey to become a successful cannabis cultivator, remember that growing in coco coir is more than just a method – it’s a stepping stone toward mastering your craft. Drawing wisdom from cannabis consulting professionals like 4trees Cannabis Building and the experiences of master growers, you’re equipped to create an environment that nurtures healthy and bountiful cannabis plants. With coco coir as your ally, your cannabis cultivation aspirations are well within reach. Happy growing