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Streamlined DIY instructions for grow rooms and cultivation facilities

Our grow room design services and DIY instructions equip cultivators with the skills and expertise required to interpret the applicable regulations needed to develop a facility and acquire the class of license you need to get your cannabis business started.

4trees programs empower you with full customization, 25+ years of expertise, meticulous planning backed by data, and guaranteed results, including:

  • Customized to each facility
  • Backed by analytics
  • Full DIY installation instructions
  • Fully GPP, GMP and GACP certified
  • Clear one on one video communication

With experience in developing over 900K sq. ft. of cannabis cultivation facilities, and 28+ five-star reviews, your grow is in good hands.


Let 4trees assist with your new cultivation facility

Our program ensures that your grow room or facility is custom-built to your specific needs, with our strict guidelines in place.

Over the last two decades, we have worked hard to design, develop and test various hydroponics and soil growing systems, as well as room designs to find the best methods for growing. We are committed to sharing this knowledge to furthering the development of the commercial craft cannabis industry.

Instructions anyone can follow

Save Money by Doing It Yourself!

We provide highly detailed DIY instructions based on the facility we plan for you, fully backed by live one on one video conferences. We incorporate your area’s energy costs, specific lighting, growing system and more in order to build the perfect grow for you.

  • Data driven by meticulous planning
  • Cost effective
  • Fully automated 
  • Reduced labor & staff 
Health Canada Approved
Facilities built by 4trees cannabis

Building a micro cultivation in Canada requires a lot of planning and expertise to ensure its success. You can design a state-of-the-art facility but if it does not get approved by Health Canada, all of your hard work was for nothing. From fully automated feeding/draining, lighting, fertilization and environmental control to sealed growing environments, our facilities offer several high end features to ensure your success.



Grow tents, rooms, and greenhouses. Grow your 4 plants in style.


2,152+ feet squared of canopy space plus building



Garages, basements or warehouses, just stay within the plant limit.


Large scaled licensed producer cultivation facilities

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20 years of quality

Proudly shaping the indoor growing cannabis industry in Canada and beyond

We are proud to stand behind all of our work and always make ourselves available to our customers. The team at 4trees takes pride in our work and the better our customers grow, the more we grow as a business. 

Although its a shame the legacy market is fading, the best time to dream of owning a successful cannabis business is actually right now.   

While we wish we could be on site building, we no longer offer physical build-outs due to the worldwide demand we have for remote planning services.

We look forward to possibly turning your dream in to a reality!

Daniel Vaillancourt

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If you are building/starting a micro or want to become the next LP you need to talk to 4trees, even if you're a professional.

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Chase Culpan Hybrix Farms - Canada

The 4trees team brings unrivaled knowledge and professionalism to the cannabis cultivation industry.

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Anthony D'Agostini Altius Cultivation - Canada

Daniel went above and beyond when our project needed recalibration. So thanks, Daniel. It's been great working with you!

indoor hydroponics grow room from a 4trees cannabis building customer
Michael Sautman Nutrawerx - Brazil
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