Hydroponics has been around since the 1920s, and it’s used to grow plants indoors without needing a medium. It’s beneficial in areas where the natural ground is hard to come by, like in Japan, but it can also be used to save water and space in any indoor growing setting. Suppose you’re interested in learning more about treetech hydroponics. In that case, this guide will walk you through the basics of using this technique and unique hydroponics system developed by 4trees Cannabis Building.

Setting up your treetech hydroponics systems

The first step in setting up your treetech hydroponics or general hydroponics system is to create a raised area for your pots to sit on. This is commonly done with snap together shelves putting only one level on them. Then you will want to plumb each bucket on the bottom of the buckets, placing the joining piping under the shelves and connecting all buckets. Finally place a reservoir ideally outside of the growing space. The reservoir must be connected to an appropriate sized water chiller and a very large air pump. You want to froth the reservoir with air as much as possible. Return lines for each bucket are ideally as large as possible for high flow but be aware of the products your using, we personally like to shop for materials that do not say they have known substances that cause cancers in them. 

Operation of the system

You will want the entire system revolving as much as possible. This can be achieved thanks to the large pipe flow placed at the bottom of each bucket. So that the system does not sit stagnant we want to add a high powered water pump in the main reservoir and run feed lines along each row of buckets. Do not feed the buckets with a small micro irrigation line, but rather a 1/2″ opening at least. Use large top hats on your buckets to house lots of hydroton rock and rockwool cubes. This way you can shoot the high water flow right in to the hydroton rock and create a high flow.

What you need for your treetech system

You will need plastic shelving, buckets (5 Gallon is fine), top hats, rockwool cubes, hydroton clay rock, thru-hulls or bulk heads, irrigation (pipe, elbows, T-fittings), hole saws, sand paper (for cleaning of debris on holes), water chiller, air pump, air stones, 3/4″ micro irrigation line.  

Increased growth speed and size

You will notice right away that this system produces some very large plants. This is by design, after decades of trial and error with hydroponics systems 4trees Cannabis Building founder Daniel Vaillancourt invented this system as a combination of multiple aspects of hydroponics that he liked. Your roots will grow at extreme speed while offering a very low water volume required for each plant due to the lack of standing water in each bucket.


This guide is a very basic guide and lots of tips, tricks and building steps have been left out. To get more advice on treetech, equipment sizing, building techniques or designs catered to your space we would love to help you, please reach out to us and we would be glad to guide you.

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