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The correct answer to this lies on whether or not you are a recreational cannabis cultivation facility or a medical grower. If you are an ACMPR in Canada or a medical license holder in the US then you will not require as much space to operate such as shipping and receiving rooms, quarantine etc. However, if you are a recreational grower then you will want to have facilities in the 5,000ft2 6,000ft2 and higher range. This is required in order to have all of the appropriate working rooms in the facility which 4trees is well versed in incorporating.

  • ACMPR / Medical: No size requirements but generally small scale
  • Micro Cultivation Facilities (Canada): 5,000ft2 – 8,000ft2
  • Licensed Producer (Canada) : 8,000ft2+
  • Tier 1 (US) : 4,500ft2 – 6,000ft2
  • Tier 2 (US) : 4,500ft2 – 15,000ft2

Does Cannabis Cultivation Need Automation?

Cannabis cultivation requires so much time and work, and it’s no wonder why many cultivators prefer to go fully automated. But should you automate your grow room, and what does it even mean for a grow space to be automated? While automation isn’t necessary for small spaces, extensive growing facilities benefit from some level of automation. Even small spaces can automate certain aspects like watering and lighting systems. Automation in cultivation allows growers to focus on other tasks while also reducing costs by eliminating human error. However, growers can choose from several different levels of automation. For example, automatic irrigation systems are relatively common in indoor cultivation but still require human interaction. Automated nutrient dosing is another common practice used by commercial growers but still needs regular monitoring and upkeep. Fully automatic grow rooms are available but come with high price tags and generally aren’t recommended for home growers or those just starting with cannabis cultivation.

How Much Space Do I Need for An Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility?

This will all depend on a few factors such as budget and license type (if any). If you are growing for yourself in Canada, then you can comfortably grow up to four plants in a household without the need for any licensing. Meanwhile if you are an ACMPR, medical cultivator then you must stick within your licensed plant count and not go over that amount. While the recreational cultivators are micro cultivation and licensed producers in Canada or Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 in the US. These recreational facilities all vary in size depending on the license type. Regardless of your grow type and size 4trees Cannabis Building is here to help you size and plan your facility properly either from the ground up or according to your existing building.

Lighting Area Requirements for Cannabis Grow Rooms

This will depend on the lighting type and growing system. If you are growing in LED lights which are the preferred grow lights now days then you will want to place them closely and have full coverage over any of the desired canopy area. This is because LED has little to no light spread like the older HPS lights had. That doesn’t make LED an inferior light at all, in fact, LED is the best choice for multiple reasons. Cannabis is a very demanding plant for light consumption in its later vegetative and flowering stages, however you will want to ease it on as the plants grow. 

Ventilation Requirements for Cannabis Grow Rooms

HVAC and humidification in the grow room need to be kept in close watch. These parameters will be changing regularly throughout the plants growth phases. The plants require higher humidity early in life and mid to low later in life with easy transitions between variations. It is always best to keep the air sealed within the growing space and clean the air within, this will allow full saturation of C02 without money loss as well as properly dialed environmental levels (humidity and temperature) without the invitation of bugs or molds that are commonly brought in from outside.

Security and Access in an Indoor Cannabis Cultivation Facility

The security and access systems at your cultivation facility are crucial. They’re designed to ensure that only those with necessary clearance can enter restricted areas, such as where plants are being cultivated, and that inventory cannot be stolen. You must choose an access system that meets regulatory requirements while providing an adequate security level. Remember that more extensive facilities may need more sophisticated methods than smaller ones.

Computerized Air Purification Systems in a Cannabis Cultivation Facility

Air systems in cultivation facilities are designed to provide clean air free from particulates, odors, and pathogens—all potential safety issues for employees. In addition to essential filtration and ventilation measures, many cultivation facilities use automated or computerized control systems to regulate HVAC and other aspects of their operation. These include SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems monitoring onsite activity.