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LED Lighting has come a long way over the past 15 years, but how does the Gavita LED compare to the competition now that it has grown so much?

Offering a decent 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt totaling 1700 µmol s-1 on the 645 watt unit. Full spectrum commercial LED lighting will offer intense lighting for your plants with a 50% reduction in electricity cost over traditional 1,000 watt equivalent high pressure sodium lighting and 40% reduced BTU.

Its power is comparable to a high pressure sodium in yield, quality and flower density except its power and heat are reduced majorly. The fact that the lights cost more out of the gates quickly makes up for it on the HVAC costs in what you save for installing a new facility not to mention the energy savings down the road.

They can be linked together with the EL1 or EL2 Gavita master controllers to control up to 1,000 lights at a time. Dimming down to 50% when needed, and trust us, you will need to dim these beasts!

In our experience you will want to keep them at 2′ from a healthy canopy. At a young age, the plants will want these at 50% and 4′ ideally and as the plant gets healthier and bigger the distance can get closer and the intensity can raise.

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How do They Fare to The Competition in 2023?

So the light’s been on the market for some years now, how does it compare to the ever growing LED grow lighting competition? Here at 4trees Cannabis Building we have been on the forefront of cannabis cultivation for decades so we have proudly had the opportunity to work with many of the new brands, and Gavita is certainly no exception. They where the top dogs for many years in the HPS days of high pressure sodium lighting, so naturally when LED became popular and they created one, we jumped on board.

We have installed thousands of these units to date so we have a great understanding of grow lighting of all kinds, especially these.

The Gavita LED’s are decent LED grow lights that in our opinion, rely a bit too heavily on their name to keep them going. Much like name brand sneakers are sometimes chosen purely for their names when cheaper shoes can offer the same quality.

We have had a number of customers have LED diodes die off at an unusually high rate with these units, and with a price point that often comes in higher than today’s competition many growers are opting for cheaper options.

There are many options on the market today that will come in far cheaper than the big name brands while still offering in many cases better quality, and more power. Visit our LED vs HPS article to learn more on the differences between the two varieties and the best light to choose.


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Try not to let the amount of lighting out there confuse you and don’t just go for name brands of the light. Instead, focus on the name brands of the parts used to make those lights such as the LED’s and drivers. Look at the construction quality and reviews from people. Focusing on the light intensity of the lights (uMol) is also an important factor as cannabis is an extremely light hungry plant. In general more light equals more bud, however, this must be applied accordingly.

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