What You Need To Know About Rosin Extraction

shatter-like rosin made from cannabis

Rosin is quickly taking the cannabis community by storm. With its higher terpene profile, increased potency and clean, solventless extraction methods that rival some of the most advanced hydrocarbon extractions out there, what is not to love? People prefer to grow their plants without chemicals and eat food without added chemicals, so it makes complete […]

How To Properly Ripen & Flush Cannabis

Fully grown cannabis plant

Cannabis takes months to flower to maturity, with lots of time and money poured into your investment. Skipping out on a proper flush could mean ruining your entire crop…

Understanding DWC & Feeding

cannabis plant growing using deep water culture hydroponics

Deep water culture is a low maintenance, fast growing method of hydroponics. In this type of system plants sit in net pots with roots sus…

5 Steps To Craft Trimming

Cannabis flower trimmed

The term “dry trimming” refers to a method of trimming the plant’s leaves after they have been dried on the stalk with the flowers…

Gavita 1700e LED Grow Light Review

commercial cannabis micro cultivation

LED Lighting has come a long way over the past 10 years. Specifically, the Gavita 1700e LED Offering a staggering 2.6 µmol s-1 per watt totaling…