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The Benefits of Using Hydroponics to Grow Cannabis

cannabis grown with hydroponics system

When planning for a micro cultivation facility, one of the many things you’ll have to consider is choosing a method for growing cannabis.

Hydroponics is becoming the preferred method for indoor cannabis cultivation among professionals.

This method for growing cannabis has significant advantages over traditional soil growing methods. Many professionals report quicker maturation and much greater yields.

Every professional knows that if a growing process can improve the size and density of your buds it is worth considering!

deep water culture cannabis hydroponics

What Is Hydroponics?

Hydroponics is the term used to describe the method of growing plants without the use of soil.

There are multiple approaches to designing hydroponic systems, but the main elements are the same. The roots of your cannabis plant are in direct contact with a nutrient solution while still receiving oxygen from water circulated using an electrical pump.

Common methods of hydroponics for cannabis cultivation include deep water culture, nutrient film technique, drip Rockwool (drain-to-waste). Depending on your skill level and specific cultivation situation, some methods are better to use than others.

Benefits of Using Hydroponics to Grow Cannabis

The benefits of using a hydroponics system for growing cannabis include:

Clean & Easy Process

Hydroponics does not use any soil. Soil-based growing methods are messy and take up a lot of physical space.

A hydroponics system requires less space. As well, you end up with more plants per section since the roots of your cannabis plant require much less space.

Soil often dilutes nutrients, leaving your cannabis plants lacking in the essential nutrients they need. Using a hydroponics system allows you to have full control over the nutrients your cannabis plants receive. Nutrients are mixed with the water and stored in the tanks

Hydroponic systems allow you to automate most of the growing process using Wi-Fi controllable systems. These adjustments lead to a reduction in your overall labour.

Larger & High-Quality Yields

cannabis plant growing using deep water culture hydroponics

The main goal for commercial cannabis growers is to produce bigger buds and higher-quality flowers. Through hydroponics, this is possible!

You’re able to administer all the essential nutrients directly to your crop’s roots which makes it easier for cannabis plants to seek out the nutrients they need. This easy access to nutrients leads to a higher quality flower and a larger yield.

With hydroponics, you’ll be able to successfully maximize your yield by providing the perfect amount of nutrients to your cannabis plants.

Faster Cannabis Growth

Professionals who use hydroponics have reported achieving faster growth compared to soil growing methods.

Cannabis plant roots have constant access to both nutrients, water and oxygen as they grow. Regardless of natural environmental conditions, your cannabis plants will be under the perfect lighting conditions in an indoor environment with the ideal humidity.

Hydroponics offers professionals growth rates that are three times faster when compared to traditional soil-based growing methods.

Reduced Risk of Mold & Infestations

One of the main issues that professionals face with soil-based growing methods is dealing with pests, diseases and mold.

Through hydroponics, soil-born diseases and pests are less likely to affect the crop because of the lack of soil. If you do experience pests and diseases they are easy to spot and remove when using a hydroponics system.

Using hydroponics also produces a much safer product in the end because you are less likely to have to use pesticides to keep bug infestations away. This is something that people are starting to prefer (buying cannabis that has been grown without the presence of chemical contaminants during the growth process).

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4Tress Cannabis Building Ltd – Hydroponics Specialist

4Tree Cannabis Building Ltd specializes in hydroponic systems for professional cannabis growers. We have experience in designing, developing and implementing the best methods of hydroponics. We provide our clients with fully automated, turnkey DIY instructions design specifically for their space.

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