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Fast Fit® Components for 4’x8′ table system.

*Custom size table pricing available upon request.

#1) Fast Fit® Components: Caster wheels: 4 pc (#706133 – can support up to 240 lbs) or 6 pc (#706134 – can support up to 360 lbs). #2) Light Stand 4 ft Uprights (#706125). #3) Extension Kit raises your light hanging bars (#706131). #4) Light Stand Crossbar (#706130). #5) Sturdy hanging bar comes in 2 ft, 3 ft and 4 ft sizes (#706126, 706127, 706136, 706128 & 706129). #6) Height Reduction Kits come in 4 pc (#706116) or 6 pc set (#706118): reduces overall height from 25 in to 11 in. #7) Replacement Leg (#706139).


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