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Micro Cultivation Build Plans

Our builds come with professionally designed blueprints by master cannabis grower Daniel Vaillancourt and licensed engineers. They are provided in a build ready format and (PDF) for easy viewing. We also provide detailed grow systems, lighting, security, material lists, HVAC requirements, pricing and required interior building materials to be used.

  • Our micro cultivation plans are guaranteed to pass inspection

  • Designs come in multiple high definition formats

  • laminated copies available for on-site construction

  • Checked off by licensed engineers

  • Utilize your 200 Square meter canopy allowance perfectly, no wasted space

  • Fully automated hydroponic systems reducing labor and water

  • Comes with equipment description and price list

Micro Cultivator package by 4Trees Cannabis

This image shows a small portion of the Apollo micro cultivation blueprint. One of our most popular designs. It is a 6,000 square foot fully automated drain to waste style rock wool hydroponic masterpiece of a facility.

WHY 6,000 Square Feet?

Its size perfectly accommodates over 17 different working rooms required by Health Canada prior to the two large flowering rooms that carefully house your 2,152 square feet of canopy space along with the nursery room. Its large flowering rooms allow your lights to work together similar to Holland greenhouse lighting techniques and provide optimum lighting, creating some very bright rooms running Gavita LED reducing lighting electricity consumption by 50% and HVAC needs reduced by 40% while allowing heavy harvests once monthly. Naturally, Apollo, the god of sun was the most suiting of Greek mythology for our most popular micro cultivation facility.

For more information on our micro cultivation facilities click here.